Moving Packages

Licensed & Insured

Our service includes a moving truck, labor and loading crew, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, dollies and packing tape. Squeaky also supply moving equipment We also provide a crew supervisor so that you can be worry-free, If we take it apart we will reassemble it. There are no hidden fees

Four Bedroom House Or Aparment 

$500.00/ 4hr

For a 4 bedroom house are apartment a  fee of $500.00 will be applied to the first three hour's of service.
We also dispose and recycle unwanted items.


On All Moves

5% off expires on
July 1, 2018

For a three bedroom apartment a fee of $400.00, will be applied towards the first three hour's.
We also dispose and recycle unwanted items. 


Craigslist Sale 
1-2 Bedroom House or Apartment

$400.00/ 3hr
Expires June 1,2018-July 1,2018

For a 1-2 bedroom house or aparment, $300,00, first 3hr with 15foot truck.  
We also donate, dispose and recycle unwanted items.

Short Term And Long Term Storage

If we have to take your move for non-payment, we will place your items in storage for up to 4 weeks.

Storage fees are deterrmined by storage bins.
If we have to load your move and deliver it to your home, there will be other fees applied. 
Down Payment Charges
For A Peace Of Mind

1. No hidden fees

2. Guaranteed price

3. Honest upfront people and delivery.

4. Well trained Movers 

Customer will pay S.C.C Movers a down payment of $50 dollars, (paid) Cash or credit
non-refundable fee, before move date. On move date, the fee will be deducted from client’s bill, once paid to SCC MOVERS INC.
Our fees are upfront, there are no hidden charges. 

Squeaky Cleaning Service And Movers
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