Move In/ Move Out Cleaning
Yard Cleaning
Weed flowerbeds and mow lawn
Remove trees and shrubs from area
Prim non-flowering shrubs and spring flowering shrubs after they have bloomed.
Remove dead wood
Fertilize trees and shrubs. Apply black spot fungicide
Take care of insects and pets
Remove winter mulch
Plant summer bulbs, groundcovers and ornamental grasses
Clean and sanitize containers
Remove trash
Mop wax floors
Clean inside refrigerator and range
Clean stovetop
Clean underneath surfaces
Clean fans and overhead lights
Clean exhaust fans and overhead light
Remove all grease and dirt
Dishwasher will be cleaned out
Microwave will be cleaned
Clean wall as needed
Squeaky Clean Will Also Manage Your Units.
 Our services package for landlords
Get your unit ready for inspection (prepare for all agencies).
Collect rent (to fit your convenience)
Oversee tenants (in all areas required)
Maintenance work (take care of all your maintenance needs)
Lawn care (take care of all your lawn care)
Rent or sale your units (take care of all your real estate needs)
For More Info Please Call Squeaky Clean Cleaning Services
For Info Regarding Any Real Estate Matters Please Call Us.

General Move In/ Move Out Cleaning
We Provide Resident, Apartment And Janitorial CleanUp

We wash walls and remove marks including streaks above your heaters. We repair small holes from anchors or nails being placed in walls. We wipe counter tops, mop and wax floors as needed. If there are any large holes we repair those to. We full paint walls. And we also remove all cobwebs. Wall and ceiling vents will be vacuumed and washed. We sweep all floors; fireplaces will be clean of all debris including ashes. Drapes will be vacuumed blinds. Light bulbs will be replaced as needed. the light covers will be removed and cleaned. The closets plus shelves will be washed. 

Squeaky defrost and clean the inside of refrigerators. We also clean countertops surfaces for a shiny new feel. We clean the inside and outside of all cabinets. We wipe down all shaves, drawers, faucet fixtures, and pantry carpets, wipe down baseboards, woodwork, frames and vents built into the floors. ceiling and walls. 

Living Room
We clean electrical outlets and covers, vacuum carpets and baseboards. We wipe walls and ceiling $ corners. We clean doors and doorframes. We remove and clean closet, shelves and all cobwebs.

Tiles will be washed cleaned
Mirrors will be washed and shined
Tub, shower, sink, and toilet will be sanitized and cleaned
Exhaust fans will be cleaned
Bathtub shower and walls will be cleaned
Clean and wipe down walls and towel bars
Wipe down all counter tops
Wipe all drawers, light fixture, and ceiling fans.
Remove cobwebs and clean corners
Mop floors/ vacuum carpet
Wipe down baseboards
Clean door and doorframes
Clean all ven    


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Yes We Can Fix That Too.

LandLord Clean Up Service.

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